1. Some Goods are taken up to Diwali season (Potato etc.) and grain & pulses up to November, you can withdrawn even before but will have to pay preservation charges.
  2. Responsibility of the goods to be stored is of stock owner, as the quality & condition of goods is not known by cold storage.
  3. If any government instruction or natural calamities (flood, cyclone, earthquake or any other) occurs, in which cold storage is not able to perform its duty & if any damage cause to goods in such condition is not responsibility of cold storage, cold storage will inform respective party to withdraw their goods.
  4. While putting goods for storage in our cold storage, parties will have to send mentioning details regarding name, address, quantity/ weight on their letter pad, if not done as per requirement respective party is responsible for their good. And if any change in information like address or name then party have to inform to cold storage.
  5. If the party does not withdraw goods within time limit & pay preservation charges then an notice will be issued mentioning 7 more days, then after that cold storage have the authority to sell goods for recovery of preservation charge & other expenses, if then also full charges are not recovered then cold storage can claim from respective party.
  6. If any party wants to withdraw their goods, will have to inform cold storage 2 days before the date of withdrawal.
  7. Payment of rent & other expenses of cold storage will have to be paid before delivery.
  8. If there is any, loss in weight in good or staining in tin container, responsibility will not be of cold storage.
  9. Insurance of goods will be done by the cold storage but the premium has to be paid by the respective party.
  10. If any claim of payment is on cold storage for certain goods then payment will be done referring price of good while storing or present market price, whichever is lower.
  11. If any enquiry done by, sales tax or government department, then cold storage has the authority to provide information to them.
  12. Party has to store goods on their own risk, it is not the risk of cold storage.